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Panel Discussion: Food & Packaging Waste

Where: Castle Garden Area of the Castle



We will be joined by some of the most innovative names in the war on food & packaging waste - here to discuss how we can all play our part in reducing waste across the board, we are joined by: Clean Kilo, Zero Waste Events (Ludlow Food Festival's waste provider) and Hands Together Ludlow. More about each organisation is shown below.

Join us in the Aardvark Festival Bookshop for this FREE talk.

The Clean Kilo is the largest zero-waste supermarket in the UK; based in Digbeth, Birmingham, founded by Jeanette Wong and Tom Pell. Their ethos is to: sell plastic-free products, source as local as possible and reduce food waste. They set up to challenge the food system and its overpackaged supply chain by sourcing in bulk and selling without packaging. They use bulk dispensers to eradicate the need for individual packaging. Customers bring their own containers to refill e.g. an ice cream tub. They encourage customers to stop treating packaging as single-use and to reuse where possible. Only 9% of the world’s plastic is currently recycled, so we need to slow down the production of plastic to protect further irreversible damage to our environment. They stock as local as possible too, meaning they can use refillable containers therefore reduce CO2 and improving rural urban links. Please visit:

Zero Waste Events are Ludlow Food Festival's waste provider. We have worked with them for years and they are now an integral part of the Festival team. They have supported us with our new reusable drinks cup schemes and between us, we are always pushing our exhibitors to think more about the ways they sample and sell their products. Please visit:

Hands Together Ludlow has a primary aim: to provide aide for the vulnerable in and around Ludlow, recognising that existing charities and statutory agencies are increasingly under pressure themselves due to financial restraints. The Food Festival works closely with Hands Together Ludlow (HTL) with regards their Food Group, and indeed HTL collect surplus food over the Festival weekend for re-distribution among their network. Please visit:

Hands Together Ludlow, together with other organisations such as the local Food Bank and the Festival's own charity, Marches Food Matters, are helping to run the Shopping Creche at this year's Festival. Please visit the Shopping Creche in the Outer Bailey, near the exit, for more information and to support the valuable work these charities do.



A chef doing a demonstration

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Happy walkers following the mangalonga walk

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