Ludlow Food Festival

The Original Festival for Food and Drink Lovers

Andy Stubbs - Low N'Slow BBQ

Where: Castle Outer Bailey


FIRE KITCHEN STAGE - with DJ BBQ as compere

Slow-cooking locally sourced ingredients to perfection, Andy produces deeply flavoured, rich American-style home-smoked BBQ street food.

He prepares, cures and smokes meats at home before taking them out with his stand, cooking them and serving them al fresco at street food events, markets and shows. The result is a slow-cooked taste sensation that can be achieved only through hard work, love and dedication. Andy’s signature pulled pork is smoked with oak and hickory and cooked for a mammoth 18 hours before being served with his own homemade coleslaw and BBQ sauce in a brioche bun baked by a fellow Brummie artisan. Andy’s other trademark dish is 12-hour beef brisket chilli with ranch coleslaw. He also makes his own pickles and cures his own hickory bacon.

In terms of delivering satisfaction, meticulously prepared, slow-cooked street food takes some beating, and Low ‘N’ Slow is street food at its best. Low ‘N’ Slow exhibits most Fridays at Digbeth Dining Club. The best way to find out where Low ‘N’ Slow is exhibiting is via its Facebook and Twitter pages - BUT you can also find him at Ludlow Food Festival!

He'll be bringing a passion for outdoor cooking along to Ludlow and we're looking forward to welcoming him to the Fire Kitchen Stage, sponsored by Kadai Firebowls.



A chef doing a demonstration

11th, 12th & 13th
September 2020

Inside Ludlow Castle with more than 180 local food and drink producers and suppliers: real food, ale, cider, perry, wine and more from the Marches, with samples and tastings.

A musician playing at ludlow spring festival

16th & 17th
May 2020

Held in Ludlow Castle, more than 200 real ales, 150 classic vehicles and live music all weekend. That’s not forgetting over 60 food and drink producers to discover!

Happy walkers following the mangalonga walk

Sunday 9th
August 2020

A food and drink walk of approximately 8 miles adapted from our Italian twin town. A unique experience for food lovers and those wanting to explore the Ludlow landscape.