Ludlow Food Festival



Since the 2017 Ludlow Food Festival some of our exhibitors have been busily developing and creating brand new products to tantilise your tastebuds.

We are have great pleasure in announcing the awards presented to this year's participants...


  • Churchfields Saltworks: Coastline Droitwich Salt
  • Churchfields Saltworks: Sea Truffle Droitwich Salt
  • Churchfields Saltworks: Charcoal Droitwich Salt
  • Jeffrey's Tonic Ltd: Original recipe tonic syrup
  • Jeffrey's Tonic Ltd: Yarrow, rosehip & elderflower
  • Ludlow Nut Co: Creamy hi-oleic peanut and coconut butter
  • Sue Gilmour: Salted Honey Cream Truffles
  • Sue Gilmour: Vegan Passion Fruit Truffles


  • Bennett & Dunn: Naturally lemon infused cold pressed rapeseed oil
  • Benntt & Dunn: Artisan mayonnaise
  • Black Mountain Botanicals: Hill Billy Gin
  • Churchfields Saltworks: Beech smoked Droitwich salt
  • Corvedale Brewery: Ale of Odin
  • Emily's Jams & Pickles: Pineapple, raspberry & banana jam
  • Fuffle from Fudge Heaven: Naughty marmalade fuffle
  • Jeffrey's Tonic Ltd: Not So Plain tonic syrup
  • Jeffrey's Tonic Ltd: Lime, galanga & orange tonic syrup
  • Jeffrey's Tonic Ltd: Jeffrey's Tonic Gift Box
  • Ludlow Nut Co: Crunchy hi-oleic peanut butter
  • Ludlow Pickle Co: Courgette pickle
  • Ludlow Pickle Co: Balsamic pickled onions
  • Ludlow Pickle Co: Balsamic glaze
  • Moyden's Hand Made Cheese: Naked Shrewsbury Fretta
  • Modyen's Hand Made Cheese: Oak smoked Shewsbury Fretta
  • Shropshire Hills Distillery: Ludlow triple citrus & pomegranate gin
  • Sue Gilmour: Violet milk chocolate bar


  • Emily's Jams & Pickles: Chilli & garlic relish
  • Moyden's Hand Made Cheese: Herb Shrewsbury Fretta
  • Moyden's Hand Made Cheese: Lavender Shrewsbury Fretta
  • Shropshire Hills Distillery: Ludlow dry gin
  • Shropshire Hills Distillery: Ludlow spiced gin
  • Shropshire Hills Distillery: Ludlow hibiscus, orange & pink peppercorn gin